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Orthopedic mattresses: which is better?

You are certainly one of those people who are reasonable about any purchase. You know how to choose quality things that serve you for years. You prefer to spend more time on the right choice than throwing money away.

How to choose the right orthopedic mattress from an online mattress retailer is a difficult question, in view of the huge variety of goods in this market.

We have collected for you reviews which mattress is better, and also tried to highlight in the article all the existing subtleties, nuances and “pitfalls”, which are important to pay attention to when choosing, so you do not have to regret it later.

The spring block

Spring blocks are of two types: dependent and independent. The dependents are the Bonnel springs, which work in a single bundle. This means that they are squeezed under you, creating a hammock effect. You slightly fall into the middle of the bed, while its edges rise. And if you sleep with a husband who is heavier than you, then constantly roll down to the edge of the bed.

Do not believe the manufacturers of mattresses, which will convince you that the models with springs “Bonnel” orthopedic. Such mattresses are also in top mattress stores, but they honestly warn you – there is no benefit to back from sleeping on such springs. Meanwhile, this is a great option if you need an extra bed, for example, for cottages, for guests, and you want to save.

The second type of springs is independent. Here it is already options for a healthy sleep with a real orthopedic effect. And the more springs per square meter – the higher this effect, the better for your spine. They can be 256, 500, 1000, 2000…

How is everything arranged? Each spring acts independently and is in a separate case. Deflect only those parts of the mattress, which you are pressing at the moment. And they, in turn, return your weight back, reliably supporting the entire body, repeating its anatomical contours and tightly pressing against the back.